Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Uncle Sam is about to pwn Uncle Pennybags

I'm glad I have 4 cans of canned fruit to my name.

I really don't know how much to care about all this, but I figure either way, if we can't laugh about it, we're in deep 'ish'. Headed for an economic Mexican Standoff, a la Reservoir Dogs. Which, as they say, may not be such a bad thing after the collapse, maybe.

Ok, enough of that.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Houston, we still have breakfast tacos

Nice try, Ike. Budjoo kent keep de brown down, meng. Still here, Still strong.

Reports that the entire second story of the home/corner restaurant/store which is home to Houston's best yes, BEST (subjectively and quantitavely) breakfast tacos/burritos were overblown. See, it's still there.

Turns out the top floor is only severly damaged. Which is terrible, but not the worst news ever. they are still open for business, and still have the best product out there. My full belly and content palate agree, as do those of my co-workers. It'll be rough for them as they re-build, they have taken a big hit, but they're still kicking, and really do still make the best breakfast taco out there. Ike took a bite outta H-town, and a bite outta Porras, but they both are still kickin'!

See? I took about 4 bites outta this before I remembered it needed to be shared with the world. The tortillas are hand made on site, and are nothing short of fantastic. The salsa is made in house, and the fillings are simple and delicious. This one was bacon and egg.

They also make Mexican style sweet bread there. And have wood carvings of Betty Boop and the Virgin Mary, as well as Jesus, of course.

Porras Prontito
6301 Market
Houston, TX

Chronicle review - which if you read, you'll see I very much agree with and pretty much plagiarized 'cept for the crepe thin tortilla part. the reviwer musta been comparing them with central american tortillas, which can be more like patties of cornmeal masa. But that's just semantics. This place definitely is 'la mera Houston'. A belly filling, mouthwatering slice of it.

maybe some if this will become a metaphor for the economic situation of our fair country... who knows?

Just make sure yo get to try this place if you ever happen upon Houston.

Lisa posted a great pic of her neighbor's place post-Ike on her blog.

It was for real, y'all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Morning back after Ike was Monday

A dragonfly flew in front of my face as I entered my car for work. Its body was green and black, like a constructicon. It hovered shortly in front of me and flew away into the southern sky

Monday, September 15, 2008

Live. Play.

embedding is gone for now.
Song: Alone Again, (naturally)
the next video is like 15 seconds of the best propaganda ever.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Put my picture back on your fridge.

Ok, so it probably never was on there. Never will be. So be it. Do yaself a favor and figure out when the Silver Jews are near your locale. Here's a taste If you've never known 'em. (In the biblical sense, musical, or otherwise.) Incidentally, the film 'Silver Jew' - about the Joos, is set for release on the 23rd of this month. Make a half hearted attempt to shuffle over to the show and maybe try and get your hands on the movie sometime. (If you can spare the time)

Not an official video:

Radio's on...

I don't know if this song is a cover or just an adaptation. different sources indicate both - it certainly sounds just as Bermanesque as it does Whitmanesque, in any case I hope to hear it live.

Not affiliated with the Silver Jews or IKEA:

Thursday, September 04, 2008

nothing better than bagpipes on your way to work

I don't think I have seen anything better than this while heading to work before. Except maybe a 50-foot tall hot air balloon of Mickey Mouse. That isn't the real guy, of course. But it's a pretty close representaion of what I saw as I headed in today.

I'm really not happy about the word mesothelioma ever having been invented. There is a huge billboard in Houston with that word on it and it just is a sinister word. Now there are commercials with some guy blurting it out ad nauseum.

A haiku derived from a modified failed song lyric. Courtesy of 'The Slow Century':

you were a glint with-
in my eye. But then a mote;
and later a stye.

-S.M. Jenkins

Credit where it's due.
I'd never steal a haiku
Unless it's clever.