Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hotel California - Rodriguez Style

Best 4th of July in a while for me - I was finally home again in Texas and with family. We ate a ton of meat, watched Italy beat France - or was it Germany? and then excercised our vocal cords. First on the list were Sweet Home Alabama and a couple of other favorites, and then this attempt at Hotel California gave everyone the giggles. It was more fun than I can remember. I'll always love hearing my Dad shout the lines in advance to remind everyone what was next, at least when he was able to remember. I'll remember my cousin's buddy and bandmate doing his best to keep the song respectable, and I'll just remember all of my family and relatives laughing and enjoying each others company. Can't beat that.

Okay enough of the sappiness. Click on the video and laugh at our attempts to bring the eagles into our fourth of july party.