Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Salsa day Miracle

I've been taking salsa classes for the past few months and met a lot of fun, interesting people at the dance studio I've been going to in Houston, but despite having seen some FREAKING AMAZING dance moves, miraculous ons, actually, NEVER have I witnessed a miracle among the folks I dance with which can compare to what happened a couple Thursday ago...

After a dance class a few students meet up at California Pizza Kitchen to wind down, chat, and talk about dancing and whatnot. Eventually a mass contact information exchange ensues. A couple of girls have their iPhones out and of course are smug and elitist about it... at this point I only own a lowly Blackberry. But ONE girl is particularly smug about her iPhone, as we notice it is covered in a lovely pink case with pink jewels.

I find myself thinking, really, iPhone chick? Does it have to be that girly, cool and chic? And apparently it does, because the OTHER girl with the iPhone immediately starts gushing about how much she loves the cover and wants one for her birthday or something like that. Ridiculous, I know, but its the truth. And herein lies the miracle: iPhone girl 1 reaches into her purse and graps a spare iPhone cover she just had sitting there and gives it to iPhone girl 2. The exchange goes something like:

iPhone girl 2 "Gasp! this is so sweet. How much do I owe you?"

iPhone girl 1: "No. you keep it. I insist"

iPhone girls 1 and 2: tears of joy and hugs.

Everyone at the table: rolling eyes while hearts secretly melt, overcome by the generosity and serendipity of the moment.

Thanks Tara, and Ilsa. It was a beautiful moment I won't soon forget.