Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Trucker's Delight

I'm OK today. A little tired out. I feel like I was driving all day Monday, but I guess that's because I was. Star Valley wasn't ideal weather-wise, what with the snow, rain, and hail but we made the best of it and had a good ol' time. We slacklined in a barn and and watched a movie on a projector in a hay bale fort. I was proud of myself - after hours of trying, I was able to stand up and balance on the slackline and then actually took a few steps. Some of the guys and girls were absolutely amazing on the slackline. They were all finding their centers and harnessing their chi and all that, and just tore it up on the line, dancing around and practically doing backflips on them. Ok, no backflips, but they had mad skills, yo! We also hiked and when we could, played some catch. I saw lots of cows and talked to some local farmers who were passing by on the road. Sometimes we were lazy and just played games or watched movies. Most noteworthy among them was Danny Deckchair, featuring one of the girls from Lord of the Rings. We laughed, I tells ya - all 15 or 16 of us.

We also hiked in Teton National Forest Sunday after church. It was freezing at the parking lot, but very nice when we climbed up some, and the scenery was gorgeous. I had no idea Wyoming was so green in some places. I'll tell you - the town of Freedom, WY had this inexplicable quality of taking you back home no matter where you're from. And maybe that's cliche, but it's true. Amidst the smell of cattle and convenience stores full of fried food and fishing gear, I was 6 again. It was great. When we drove back we stopped at a park in Logan to rest and eat and play some catch. They have a great park! Big swimming pool with super fun happy slides, shady area and big sunny area, and a nice little skate park so the kids can rebel against the system in clean, well kept environs.

My youngest brother Rolando graduated from high schol this weekend. Congrats, Bro! I missed the webcast, but you know I love you.

Today is also Ricky's 23rd!! Happy Brithday!

Then I call home, and this is the first item of news from my mom:
Harm, but no Foul

Fresh from the Too Little, Too Late Dept. comes word that the NBA rescinded the technical foul against San Antonio's Michael Finley in the second quarter of Game 4 in Dallas. Finley was called for a technical with 4:44 remaining in the half, and it appeared to be borderline at best. ``You can imagine what I wanted to say when I heard that," said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, who found out about the decision Thursday. ``Does that mean we win the game by 1 point?" Game 4, which was played May 15, went into overtime, and the Mavericks prevailed, 123-118, so the technical was huge. (Dirk Nowitzki made the free throw.) For Finley, it means he won't have to fork over $1,000 to the league. For the Spurs, it means yet another tough break in a series they just as easily could have won.


After stopping by a couple of friends places, my friend Josh and I get word from another friend, Molly that we have free tickets to a show in Provo. Now the fact that it was in Provo, put me a bit on edge, but even more daunting was the fact that it was AIR SUPPLY. Yes, Air Supply, as in one of the progenitors of glam rock Air Supply. After some deliberating, we think what the heck, it should be fun and lighthearted and decide to go. I figured they'd do anything but take themselves seriously, being like 60 and knowing that they were Air Supply. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The ampitheatre was filled about 4000 strong all waving their hands, mostly middle aged, or just plain old, but with a smattering of youth here and there. I couldn't believe I found myself there. I'll attribute that fact to being delirious after a full day of driving. The lead singer was the creepiest old man ever. He looked like an 80 year old lady in his silk shirt - kinda like one of the Golden Girls. He couldn't stop bellowing 'YOOOOUU ARRRRE BEAU-TI-FOLL!!' He finished the show with a small girl in a headlock, wishing the audience a 'safe walk or ski home' and then planted one on said little girls face. Poor girl looked absolutely terrified. Earlier he had dropped this gem on the little girl: 'If Air Supply thinks your pink braces are cool, believe me THEY ARE!' It was stinkin' hilarious, and I'm ever so grateful that they got me into that show. It was a surreal way to end a weekend in the pristine beauty in Star and Cache Valley. Surrounded by thousands of adoring Air Supply fans waving their arms and wishing they were on stage with the girl with the cool braces. I secretly loved it, but am still haunted by it all the same.

Test Dream

My clock resides on a castle-like building. Knowing the time involves a five minute walk. Is it that worth it to know?


I will probably not post too much to this blog. I only did this to be able to post to friend's blogs - but I will post the link to my 'other ones'. Maybe I'll just copy and paste into this, but probably not. I'm far too lazy to Ctrl+C , login in n' Ctrl+V.