Monday, June 26, 2006

Circus Rock at its Finest

And in no way is that a slight against this beatiful music. This is a group of guys who tried to make the world a better place with their craft. Some may think enjoying this requires an ear for the dissonant, (I don't think so) but the message is congruent with much that's good, in my humble opinion. Just, listen, is all I'm saying.
For Sale:

I applied for a scholarship. I didn't get in, but got a warm rejection letter from the school.

Friday, June 23, 2006

DeVotchKa - Required Listening

And I mean it. Everybody needs to own DeVotchKa's CDs. They are incredible musicians whose songs evoke a true emotional response. watch Little Miss Sunshine, know that they are the trailer music for Everything is Illuminated, and find out when they are playing near you. And go, for heaven's sake. This is an incredibly talented group of musicians. I dare say that they compare favorably to Radiohead not in musical style, as they are vastly different but in the magnitude of emotional response their music generates. They have a fun gypsy wedding style and a somber 'howling at the moon' style and are just very versatile. I wish I were eloquent enough to properly describe the spectre of their craft. Do yourself a favor and add them to your collection. Do yourself an even bigger favor and attend a live show. With a Christmas lit tuba and a Theremin a'whirring, a violin named Juan Pablo and an accordion named Tommy, they will deliver with great energy and precision drumming, and leave you exhausted.
DeVotchKa - Venus In Furs at Bonnaroo

So I made it Bonnaroo last week and it was nothing short of amazing. I am still trying to recover from the haze and dust, but I cannot complain. I knew what I was in for and the music was grand. I got to start out by seeing DeVotchKa twice in short succession. They offered this Velvet Underground cover as part of the package.